Yue Ding Greenland Intercity Space Station Office
Greenland Intercity Space Station Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Greenland Intercity Space Station Office

This project was born out of an awareness of the needs of the office sector and an ongoing exploration of the future of the industry to create a new office model that meets the needs of the times. The designers have created a flexible and diverse office space with an open and collaborative concept. The designer believes that people's minds need to be liberated and the designer wanted this to be an unrestricted office space. The space is based on a simple grey color palette, with the addition of wood colors, complemented by light and bright yellow accents, to bring a relaxed space.

Greenland Intercity Space Station Office
Yue Ding Greenland Intercity Space Station
Yue Ding Office
Yue Ding design
Yue Ding design
Yue Ding

Mr.Ding is an experienced interior design director with an extensive experience in field of luxury hospitality/retail/office interior design. He held the senior project designer / design director position since 2001 with the experience in interior conceptual design, I.D project management, design development, furniture & lighting fixture design, on-site co-ordination as well as managing overseas design staff. Mr.Ding has vast experience on projects in Asia, Middle East, and Australia.

Mantu Interior Architects Design

Our specialty at Mantu is working with what makes China the biggest economy worldwide today: infrastructural development. We work exclusively alongside the leading developers in China and Asia, including the globally-known Greenland Group and Vanke Company, commercial group Shimao, as well as the domestically significant CIFI and Sincere, among others. Our team leaders are experts that come from different horizons, but we still aim to keep a local integrity in our designs, all the while staying open to different ideas, styles and implementation of materials. Mantu is a full design agency composed of three design teams plus one internal 3D rendering team and an FF&E team, each directed by one to two directors with creative backgrounds in fields ranging from architecture to interior architecture and interior design. Founded in 2002, we have worked primarily in mainland China.