Utsav Khadka Green Nest Planter
Green Nest Planter is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Green Nest Planter

In this product, they took the crome-based stainless steel rods' essence to form the structure. The circular base to decorate the items, so the other character they took, has the same function differently. The multi-utility also drove them to make extra space for the hanging planters. Hence, they made the dependent sections at the back of the structure, so this planter has the characteristic of the E-1027 side table essence.

Green Nest Planter
Utsav Khadka Green Nest
Utsav Khadka Planter
Utsav Khadka design
Utsav Khadka design
Utsav Khadka

A self-motivated and process oriented person who has a keen intrust in being a part of a industry that innovates interactive and sustainable products. I believe in designing, manufacturing and constructing products as I juxtapose them which makes life alluring and inculcated with sheen than what it really is.

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