Vanja Vizner Trinity Digital Painting
Trinity Digital Painting is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Trinity Digital Painting

Trinity is focused on the human being: its biological, emotional and mental transformation. Through its mental and emotional processes, he examines relations to society, parents, and environment. Accepting both negative and positive aspects of society, which creates a foundation to evolve to broader perspective. The artist calls to orient towards integration of all rather than toward separation and focus on understanding opposed on ignoring.

Trinity Digital Painting
Vanja Vizner Trinity
Vanja Vizner Digital Painting
Vanja Vizner design
Vanja Vizner design
Vanja Vizner

Vanja Vizner is multimedia/visionary artist. The founder of graphic studio and brand Art of Core. He publishes art pieces and visual animations inspired by spiritual journey with help of knowledge of world philosophies. His realizations through creating this experience, and almost everything around him has brought about his inspiration to create Visionary Art, which he has been actively creating for the past 8 years.

Art of core

Art of core is a brand and graphic design studio, that was founded in 2015. in Croatia. The founder Vanja Vizner is a self-educated artist and in-house designer. Throughout the last 6 years he had published 5 visionary artworks and 2 short animations. He is currently developing audio-video 3d animations for music events.