Lianghao Zha The Doberman Chair Armchair
The Doberman Chair Armchair is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
The Doberman Chair Armchair

The design inspiration comes from Doberman dog. The designer chose the mahogany as material due to the similar color to the real Doberman dog. Moreover, The Doberman Chair has a suspended backrest and a long seat size, both covered with black leather. The design is to give people a quiet and comfortable place to relax and work. Like the Doberman dog, The Doberman Chair shows its unique dignity and peace.

The Doberman Chair Armchair
Lianghao Zha The Doberman Chair
Lianghao Zha Armchair
Lianghao Zha design
Lianghao Zha design
Lianghao Zha

I come from Shanghai, China. I have being an automotive interior designer for five years. And I have participated in many production projects for MG brand. I think I am a future designer. Because I want to design things that people haven't seen before.

Zha Lianghao Design

Zha Lianghao Design is Zha Lianghao personal design brand´╝î established in 2017. This brand mainly provides industrial design services. Including transportation design, furniture design, product design, concept design and so on. The brand aims to create unique shape and function products, and to broaden the boundary of design style.