Soma Varga Orca Emergency Medical Aircraft
Orca Emergency Medical Aircraft is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Aerospace and Aircraft Design Award Category.
Orca Emergency Medical Aircraft

The single piloted Orca is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed to compete with air ambulance rotorcraft by transporting patients at higher speed, lower operational cost and increased safety. By combining the design methodologies of conventional aircraft and high performance rotorcraft, the concept of Orca aims to reduce fatal outcomes and save more lives in emergency medical situations. Furthermore, through its electric propulsion the concept is an advocate for a sustainable future.

Orca Emergency Medical Aircraft
Soma Varga Orca
Soma Varga Emergency Medical Aircraft
Soma Varga design
Soma Varga design
Orca Aerospace

Orca Aerospace was founded in 2020 by Soma Varga, Zsolt Koltai and Ákos Matyus. The company's establishment was motivated by the founder's conviction that electric aircraft will allow cheaper, more sustainable flight for consumers. In addition, eVTOL aircraft cost less to purchase and maintain, have lower operating costs, allow faster response times when used by emergency medical services personnel, and are more reliable and secure than today's internal combustion engine powered aircraft. In November of 2020, the Orca eVTOL was awarded third place in the British Royal Aeronautical Society's annual international aircraft design competition.