Catalina Paladi Turquerie Womenswear Collection
Turquerie Womenswear Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Turquerie Womenswear Collection

Turquerie places the Ottoman Empire inspiration into a modern background, for an eclecticism of styles with an ethnic influence. The materials used, such as jacquard, velvet and chiffon, create both chromatic and rigidity contrasts, thus adorning the simple shapes and the clean lines. Made of six silhouettes, the collection gives a range of outfits to choose from. As for the campaign, the project puts together the author's Moldovan roots together with her passion for multiculturalism, for a rich blend of colour, print and texture.

Turquerie Womenswear Collection
Catalina Paladi Turquerie
Catalina Paladi Womenswear Collection
Catalina Paladi design
Catalina Paladi design
Catalina Paladi

Catalina Paladi is a Fashion Designer in love with culture and history. She tends to bring the old-school techniques back into the modern perception of fashion, and doesn't shy away for experimenting and bringing to life every idea that has potential in her eyes. As an empathetic designer, she promotes a sustainable and conscious use of materials, pleading for natural biodegradable fabrics where possible, and gives a hand in reducing the offcuts that lie forgotten in fabric warehouses. Her artistic side interfere harmoniously with her technical skills and attention to the details, for neat designs with good finishings.

Catalina Paladi

Catalina Paladi is a Moldovan emerging young designer located in Verona, Italy. She had her degree in textile engineering in 2017. Her designs tend to approach the old school techniques, thanks to the prevalent by hand treatments and manipulations, attention to details and to the client. Her fashion design activity interfered with the artistic one, having participated to the 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition; to the 241- Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition, to the Q1 2019 edition contest of 1340 Art Magazine; was exhibited at Enesya Gallery Art Exhibition in November 2018; was published in the 10th series of "Artisticamente" Art Magazine, Rome 2018. Both in her Fashion Design and Artistic activity, Catalina finds her inspiration in the multitude of different cultures and ethnicities. The multicultural influence, full of uniqueness, colours, habits and traditions, has always resulted in arts and design full of drama and expression, as can be observed in Catalina's work.