Zev Bianchi Bcompact Hybrids Compact Side Folding Stair
Bcompact Hybrids Compact Side Folding Stair is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Bcompact Hybrids Compact Side Folding Stair

The humble staircase gets a simple and innovative upgrade with the Bcompact Hybrids, sideways folding stair with compacting handrail and integrated safety gate, or Hybrid Ladder with fixed short stand-off handrail. These lightweight and sturdy, space-saving, patented designs fold neatly sideways to close flush with, or into the wall when not in use and are made from sustainably sourced laminated Bamboo; color stained to match your décor, and tailored to your exact specifications; making assembly and installation a breeze. After Time; Space, in the modern metropolis is our most precious commodity.

Bcompact Hybrids Compact Side Folding Stair
Zev Bianchi Bcompact Hybrids
Zev Bianchi Compact Side Folding Stair
Zev Bianchi design
Zev Bianchi design
Zev Bianchi

As a designer, I wish to create a better world not only for ourselves but for all future generations by utilizing clever, functional, and sustainable design practices in everything we do. Bringing new and far better materials into the world spotlight through innovative and undeniable designs that the world cannot do without. And reducing our current wood, timber dependency that the world has come to know, with technically superior materials like Bamboo composite ply boards and space-saving inventions.

Bcompact Design

Bcompact is the originator of the now Patented side folding stair system and the only company to market this unique product worldwide We create unique, innovative & sustainable living solutions to make your home the perfect place to live, work and play. Whether it’s furniture, custom designs, fold away pieces, or lighting, we deliver award-winning results that work – around the world – without compromising on style or quality.