Kayoko Nishii Paw Bowl Slow Feeder
Paw Bowl Slow Feeder is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Paw Bowl Slow Feeder

A hand-designed, bowl that attempts to slow an animal's eating pace by altering the height of the interior of the paw print. Made from materials that produce a look, that is safe for food and can be placed into the dishwasher. The bowl can be personalized with different paw colors. The design is made with a material that helps prevent a cat or dog from pushing the bowl around but is still easy to lift.

Paw Bowl Slow Feeder
Kayoko Nishii Paw Bowl
Kayoko Nishii Slow Feeder
Kayoko Nishii design
Kayoko Nishii design
Kayoko Nishii

Kayoko has a passion for exploring how design contributes to organizations. She uses her ceramic skill for helping her community garden get organized and by teaching the other gardeners to create signs. She has made pieces for commission and often donates to organizations that sell her work to help their causes. Volunteering has always been part of her life. Her volunteering started many years ago when she was in Japan. Kayoko worked weekends helping autistic adults by teaching them how to be independent in life with things like cooking, shopping, and physical activities for health. Kay has also worked at a planetarium to make seasonal films.

Paw Bowl

"PAW BOWL" was designed and created by Kayoko, a ceramic artist who works at her own studio in Philadelphia. Kayoko is mostly inspired by nature's beauty and focuses on reflecting this in her art. She enjoys creating new products that experiment with new processes and techniques. Nature becomes an art and that art is combined in the design product. Kayoko produces handmade products that are usable.