Trevor Ryan Patt Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving
Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving

Lamellae uses a bespoke multi-agent computational model to generate a geometrically complex but refined and conceptually precise shelving system that can be endlessly customized to adapt to existing spaces and the display of unique objects. Although it has an almost baroque sculptural presence, awareness of fabrication and assembly constraints built into the generative design allow it to be realized through various efficiencies: swarf cutting reduces cnc machine time and allows flatpack delivery, assembly sequence is self-supporting, and precise joinery ensures accurate placement and fit..

Lamellae Multifunctional Shelving
Trevor Ryan Patt Lamellae
Trevor Ryan Patt Multifunctional Shelving
Trevor Ryan Patt design
Trevor Ryan Patt design
Trevor Ryan Patt

Trevor Ryan Patt is a is a designer who researches the potentials of computational design for architecture in small-scale distillations as well as larger urban assemblages. He is currently the Joseph F. Thomas Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and an invited professor at the Di Tella in Buenos Aires.


This project was an extension of academic research on behalf of Singapore's Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre, where it defines the researcher's office entrance lobby. DManD has an ambitious long-term vision to create the frontiers of digital design and manufacturing by bringing together new ideas and multidisciplinary fields. The Lamella project will display the work of other researchers in the Centre while also an example of innovative design and fabrication itself. AHTEHHA was associated with DManD in advancing a research agenda in larger applicaitons of digital manufacturing, not limited by the dimensions of fabrication machines with implication on the architectural construction industry.