Mohamed Mostafa Radwan Qwork Pod Office Furniture
Qwork Pod Office Furniture is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Qwork Pod Office Furniture

The Qwork pod is an anti-infection Hexagonal hive-like office solution, designed by Egyptian Award-Winning Architect Mohamed Radwan. Qwork offers flexibility to suit different spatial needs and can be customized to fit any office layout. It features an automatic handless airtight acrylic door, controlled by facial recognition, and ventilation fans with built-in air purifiers. The Qwork pod is envisioned to be made of hygiene-friendly non-porous nanomaterials that protect the pod user from viral infections.

Qwork Pod Office Furniture
Mohamed Mostafa Radwan Qwork Pod
Mohamed Mostafa Radwan Office Furniture
Mohamed Mostafa Radwan design
Mohamed Mostafa Radwan design
Mohamed Mostafa Radwan

International award-winning architect and multi-disciplinary designer, Radwan is the Principal Architect of RAD studio, and the Founder of Cairo Designathon, Egypt and the MENA region’s first and only collaborative design marathon. Radwan is the winner of DNA Paris Design Awards 2020, and the Bronze A' Design Award 2021, and most recently was recognized as a Design Hero for the year 2021, by A' Design Award, in Como, Italy. His work received wide recognition and publication both locally and globally. Radwan is also an international award-winning graffiti artist, and he is deeply passionate about Street Art, and its intersection with the built environment.

Mohamed Radwan

Mohamed Radwan, is an international award winning architect and multidisciplinary designer. Radwan is the Founder of his own name brand M Radwan Designs, where he is focused on architecture, interiors, product design and experimental design. Radwan is deeply passionate about experimenting with the fusion of Egyptian heritage with contemporary design trends, and using Design Thinking as a problem solving method, to achieve innovative design solutions. Recently Radwan has won DNA Paris Design Awards 2020, for Qwork, an anti-covid19 office pods system design.