Anlan Chen Dreamland Ergonomics Study Desk
Dreamland Ergonomics Study Desk is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Dreamland Ergonomics Study Desk

The dreamland study table combines ergonomics and powerful storage functions to meet the diverse needs of students around school age to adults. The table is equipped with desk-top lift and height adjustment function. The unique desktop area segmentation helps improve children's using comfort. It is equipped with a small clock to help children allocate their time. Powerful storage system, and rich accessories make the dreamland study table the best companion for children’s childhood.

Dreamland Ergonomics Study Desk
Anlan Chen Dreamland
Anlan Chen Ergonomics Study Desk
Anlan Chen design
Anlan Chen design
Two square meters Smart Home Technology Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Two square meters Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative company integrating design, production and sales of professional children's study desks and chairs. The company focuses on researching children's smart learning tables, and aims to use innovative designs to help children to have good habits. It is believed that good Learning habits are the most precious asset for a child in life. The 2 square meter smart study desk is designed by professional designers who have won the Red Dot Award and the IF Award. An ergonomic study desk system is created after several years of deep research, in order to meet the characteristics of children’s growth and development. To meet different learning needs of children while writing, reading, and drawing, let the child's healthy growth begin with good learning habits.