Shigeki Matsuoka Tie Chair
Tie Chair is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tie Chair

The tie chair 2020 is carved with the concept a chair that helps couples get along. The curve of the backrest is designed in such a way that when two people sit side by side, their bodies naturally snuggle together. As a seating for dining or to kick up your feet to enjoy your favorite book, it should suite any desired situation comfortably. Facing each other or side-by-side, the idea is to provide a format-less space allowing for people to be comfortable as they please.

Tie Chair
Shigeki Matsuoka Tie
Shigeki Matsuoka Chair
Shigeki Matsuoka design
Shigeki Matsuoka design
Shigeki Matsuoka

Shigeki Matsuoka is a furniture designer, craftsman, and the head of furniture studioKOMA. He is a furniture craftsman who knows how to create chairs that are not only beautiful to look at, but also strong, structurally sound, and durable. Every part of the chair has a meaning and is made up of the minimum number of parts necessary to create a beautiful chair that is comfortable to sit on and touch. He is also committed to the development of young people.


Koma is a Japanese furniture atelier. Using only traditional Japanese hand tools, the beautiful lines of our furniture are individually hand carved, and not bent, to showcase the natural beauty of wood. Shigeki Matsuoka, a craftsman himself, is the founder, head designer and president of KOMA.