Arin Jeong DexigNA Customizing Bag Design
DexigNA Customizing Bag Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
DexigNA Customizing Bag Design

Design your own DNA. Dexig.NA Humans get happiness in various relationships with people. Dexig.NA thought about how a designer could help people build relationships. As a result, this brand designed a bag that allows users to express each other's personalities metaphorically so that they can attract each other's attention. Dexig.NA is a compound word of Design and DNA that is a twisted leather bag designed inspired by the form of genes.

DexigNA Customizing Bag Design
Arin Jeong DexigNA
Arin Jeong Customizing Bag Design
Arin Jeong design
Arin Jeong design
Arin Jeong

Arin Jeong is a student of Hongik University, Seoul, major in Industrial design. Hongik University is the most famous university in South Korea for art and design. As an industrial designer, She usually design product that can be used anywhere in our life.