Li Hui Komi Electric Vehicle
Komi Electric Vehicle is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award Category.
Komi Electric Vehicle

This is a three door four seat electric car within 3 meters. In consideration of the space limit of Japanese K-car standard, it still meets the safety standard design of European M1 standard. It can meet the maximum speed of 120 km / h, complete functional configuration, flexible, unique structure, combined with traditional stamping process, combined with 60% high-strength steel, to ensure the safety of the body, and integrate ESC body stability system, ABS, anti lock system, and EPB electronic handbrake meet vehicle safety.

Komi Electric Vehicle
Li Hui Komi
Li Hui Electric Vehicle
Li Hui design
Li Hui design
Li Hui

Li Hui, who has been engaged in the research of electric vehicles for more than 30 years, likes painting since childhood, making model airplanes, model cars and model ships. When he was in college, he chose the industrial design major combining technology and art, which eventually made him an industrial designer. His wish is to design green environmental protection products that are really used by human beings.

Nanjing Jiayuan Special Electric Vehicles Manufacture Co., Ltd

Since in 1982, this company has been focusing on the reserch and development, production and sales of pure electric vehicles’ core parts and complete vehicle. It is a professional company, with long history of research and development of electric vehicles in China , also rich in technology accumulation. It has been fully equipped with a full set of positive integration, reserch and development, strength of electric vehicle core technology system and vehicle structure design. After years of development, this company has completed the core component technology, new materials and lightweight technology. When it comes to iterative reserch and development of automobile technology, it has reached the stage of industrial production. In the past five years, a series of reserch and development, production and sales of existing models have been formed. Products have been exported to 49 developed countries such as Germany and Japan. More than 80 international sales networks have been established. The global layout has been initially completed, with a compound annual sales growth rate of 121.48%.