Jansen Che Adesse Watch
Adesse Watch is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Adesse Watch

Adesse is an ultra-minimalist watch that acts as a memento to enjoy the present. The minimalist approach to becoming 'present' is to remove the unnecessary. Adesse reimagines the traditional analog watch with minimalist principles, and questions what is absolutely necessary to tell the time. Do you really need to see the numerical indicators? The minute hand? The hour hand? Designed through subtraction, traditional watch features are removed. A sculptural piece is carved out of the watch face. The face rotates, covering and deliberately revealing just enough to tell the time.

Adesse Watch
Jansen Che Adesse
Jansen Che Watch
Jansen Che design
Jansen Che design
Jansen Che

Jansen is the founder of Studio Adesse. His first product design was inspired by his interest in minimalist design. Since designing the Adesse watch, he has won several design awards and hopes to design other products with a similar design ethos. Apart from product design, Jansen also has a background in architecture. He is interested in the design of all things, from lego to skyscrapers. Being an Architect has influenced him to be a conceptual and structured thinker. You need to be curious and open-minded, while also being reliable and pragmatic.

Jansen Che

We design our products in the same way we want to live our lives, purposefully and passionately. Inspired by those who live mindfully, every line is drawn with intention and every angle is examined carefully. We depart from the norm with our innovative concepts and timeless aesthetics. It is with this design ethos, we celebrate individual uniqueness and igniting self-confidence.