Laszlo Nemeth Oktoflex Premium Flexographic Printing Press
Oktoflex Premium Flexographic Printing Press is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Award Category.
Oktoflex Premium Flexographic Printing Press

With its clear, distinctly proportioned areas and precise edges, the machine looks altogether very modern and progressive. The ergonomically arranged and clearly structured control panels together with the audit areas were neatly and with high contrast integrated into the housing. The system comes across as being generally very user friendly.

Oktoflex Premium Flexographic Printing Press
Laszlo Nemeth Oktoflex Premium
Laszlo Nemeth Flexographic Printing Press
Laszlo Nemeth design
Laszlo Nemeth design
Laszlo Nemeth

I am a design generalist. I love all aspects of design. From typography to industrial design, from sketching, to the engineering, from the first brainstorming to the final delivery of a product such as packaging desinging and service design and the ecological consequences of our work, or user experience tests and measuring... so everything. I like people and I like critics. I always want to understand what is the secret of good design. I found that the best thing is the "bad critics", because it helps us. We must focus on it. People hold the answares to make something better. So I always focus everybody, and I am open mindened and trying to understand how people thingking about good or bad. Major achievements and perks? What makes you interesting? Our work and products are very important. We make small positive changes in the daily lives of several million people, that is the point. :) The effect of our work is important, and we think we make value for society and our environments.

Varga-Flexo Ltd.

THE MANUFACTURER AND DESIGNER: This year, Varga-Flexo Kft. Is a 27-year-old successful Hungarian-owned family business. From the very beginning, we have been designing and manufacturing flexographic printing machines and the third generation has been actively involved in the life of the company. We are market leaders in Hungary and the region, and we are becoming more and more internationally recognized manufacturers. We consider ourselves seventh in the world in the “ranking” of flexographic printing machine manufacturers, which is of course not an official figure, but that is how we view ourselves. In addition to Hungary, we have installed machines in the USA (Los Angeles), Russia (Moscow), and Germany in the last three years.