Chen Bingrou Cocle Womenswear Collection
Cocle Womenswear Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Cocle Womenswear Collection

This design is made from rubber rings by a special weaving technique suitable for annular materials. It can weave rubber rings together to be a reticular fabric and convert them into wearable designs but not cause any damage to the annular structure that all the materials inside the fabric are intact and can be reused. In addition, It does not require professional skill and special tools that even laymen without any weaving experience can easily use this craft. Everyone can knit his own clothes easily by this way.

Cocle Womenswear Collection
Chen Bingrou Cocle
Chen Bingrou Womenswear Collection
Chen Bingrou design
Chen Bingrou design
Chen Bingrou

Bing Rou is a girl with special ideas. She always has a lot of unrestrained ideas. For her, fashion design is not just making a cloth to cover the body but it can be a sculpture or a painting. In her design works, she has been trying to break the boundary between “clothes making” materials and “non-clothes making” materials as well as trying to bring new possibilities to fashion design through using different materials and different combinations, and therefore, she has also made some gains in costume design and innovation.