Zhao Shu Unlimited Center Of Art Exhibition
Unlimited Center Of Art Exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Unlimited Center Of Art Exhibition

The project was located in Beijing, China. Art intertwines with life in the community. The project has two independent spaces, one of which is the entrance of community and the other an art center. "Art fits into life" was the main demand of the client, who hoped that art would become a major part of future life. It could serve as a multi-functional art center that includes galleries, multi-functional exhibition halls, outdoor plazas, etc., to meet the daily needs of various art activities.

Unlimited Center Of Art  Exhibition
Zhao Shu Unlimited Center Of Art
Zhao Shu Exhibition
Zhao Shu design
Zhao Shu design
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View of creation: “Small is beautiful” is our belief. Paying more attention to “experience” is our motive force of creation. We hold working attitudes of “elaboration, concentration, further research” to explore the most delicate experiences. Based on that, we create each project with its own characteristics. “Artistic concept” is indispensable part of our design. We’re committed to endow each project with vitality by integrating aspects of art, culture and space, which correspond to soul, heart and body respectively. Our services range from architectural to interior and artistic design. Honor: Silver – London Design Awards IAI Excellence Award – IAI DESIGN AWARDS Honorable Award – IFI APDC Nomination of Best Cultural space Design – Invitational Tournament International Ecology Design Award Nomination of Cultural space Design – Idea-Tops International Space Design Award