Think Tank Team Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm
Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm is Platinum Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm

Bot Chef is Samsung's new AI-powered kitchen assistant, designed to lend an extra hand in the kitchen. Through simple voice commands and advanced natural language processing systems, Bot Chef can chop, stir, and season the perfect meal. Bot Chef's capabilities are expanded through an ecosystem of downloadable skills, and it can interact with other smart devices in the kitchen. Need to change up the recipe? It's as easy as saying "Hey Bot Chef, add some Sriracha!"

Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm
Think Tank Team Samsung Bot Chef
Think Tank Team Robotic Arm
Think Tank Team design
Think Tank Team design
Samsung Think Tank Team

The Think Tank Team is an interdisciplinary collective of researchers, designers, scientists and engineers located in Mountain View, CA. Our mandate is to explore what’s next for Samsung by applying bleeding-edge advances in software, machine learning, sensor and display technologies, and human-computer interaction to solve real-world challenges and transform user experiences.