Hukaya Simon, Zachary Tipton Caliber Optics Balanced Eyewear
Caliber Optics Balanced Eyewear is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Caliber Optics Balanced Eyewear

Caliber Optics recycles metal to make eyeglasses. The .357 collection uses spent .357 magnum casings as a functional counterweight to render the glasses more stable for the user. The counterweights are swagged to the end of the temples to balance the weight of the frame front. The light semi-rimless frame front weighs around 6 grams and the counterweight weighs 6 grams per pair. The Beta titanium temples incorporate an electric discharge machined compressed spring. The flexibility of the temples associated to the balance of the frame makes the glasses more comfortable to wear.

Caliber Optics Balanced Eyewear
Hukaya Simon, Zachary Tipton Caliber Optics
Hukaya Simon, Zachary Tipton Balanced Eyewear
Hukaya Simon, Zachary Tipton design
Hukaya Simon, Zachary Tipton design
Caliber optics

In 1998, while studying in Seattle, Hungarian-American Zachary Tipton’s vision began to deteriorate. It was the best thing that could have happened to him. Zack decided to make his own eyeglasses and founded Tipton Eyeworks in Seattle. His first company made customized rimless glasses using titanium. The business took off and eventually Zack wanted to make glasses out of other materials, but he could not find the right one to realize his vision. On a recent journey to the United States, he found a few 9mm bullet casings on the street and he immediately took a liking to these awesome objects. Caliber Optics is the brain child of Zachary Tipton. He wants to fix some of the elemental flaws he find in. So much thought has been given for the looks, that the function of the eyeglass frame has been neglected and the comfort has been sacrificed. Caliber Optics aims to solve this by bringing balance and precision into eyewear. Today Caliber Optics is the newest project of Tipton Eyeworks. Its purpose is to help the wearer see better through the unification of art and technology.