Iván Soriano Martínez Lens Lighting
Lens Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Lens Lighting

Pendant light Lens design is project to Ilutrek company. Is a pendant lamp with simple and minimal design with high lumen dimmable with two options recessed installation or surface installation. High lumen in a minimalism small design. Moblets studio design a pendant light with simple assembly and timeless style. Ivan Soriano objective has been design a minimal pendant light with a reasonable cost; he studies basic and minimalist forms to develop this lamp and add the last led technology.

Lens Lighting
Iván Soriano Martínez Lens
Iván Soriano Martínez Lighting
Iván Soriano Martínez design
Iván Soriano Martínez design
Ilutrek Sl

Ilutrek sl was born 15 years a go in Valencia Spain. Company dedicated professional lighting business, specialized in LED lighting, was one of the first companies in Spain to introduce LED technology in its business. Now start a new adventure with personal designs with Ivan Soriano designer (Moblets studio)