Jiri Marek X Streams Door Handle
X Streams Door Handle is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
X Streams Door Handle

X Streams door handle, hand crafted from two pieces of reclaimed wood, with the smooth curve between the handle grip and neck breaking otherwise linear shape, providing both comfortability and durability. The process of fractal burning creates an intricate network of veins that are filled with either colored epoxy resin, or infused metal leaf such as gold and silver. This process creates the illustration of river streams and makes every single piece unique and non replicable.

X Streams Door Handle
Jiri Marek X Streams
Jiri Marek Door Handle
Jiri Marek design
Jiri Marek design
Studio number 10

Studio number 10 is a boutique business creating contemporary wooden hardware from 100% reclaimed wood. Our sophisticated design combined with our novel processes makes each and every piece unique and non replicable. Our commitment to the environment compels us to work with only the most responsible suppliers. All our products undergo the most rigorous testing to endure lasting durability.