Jianzhe Xie Eternity Pen
Eternity Pen is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Category.
Eternity Pen

The universe and all things move eternally in a circular motion. The circle is eternal, infinite and unique. What’s more, “eternity” magnifies the concept of circle and presents it with scattered texture on the body of the pen, interpreting the eternal definition. The body of the pen is made of metal aluminum, which is machined and polished with high precision CNC aluminum tube to create a delicate texture on the surface of the pen. Thick copper pouring pen clip, with spring structure, shows the high-end nature of the pen.

Eternity Pen
Jianzhe Xie Eternity
Jianzhe Xie Pen
Jianzhe Xie design
Jianzhe Xie design
Jianzhe Xie

He is Xie Jianzhe , design maneger of Beifa Group. He have been worked in Beifa Group for more than ten years, and have rich experience in stationery product design.The products he designed are sold in more than 80 countries all over the world, and have produced a lot of economic benefits for the company.He designed pens for heads of state at the G20 summit and the BRICs meeting.He have also won many top design awards such as Red dot and IF many times. He like products with simple shape and simple function.He think a good product is a perfect combination of function and art and also practice his idea in this way.

Beifa Group Co., Ltd

Beifa Group was founded in 1994, it is a large stationery group with the capability of R&D, manufacturing, sale and international trade service in all. Beifa is the first stationery enterprise in China to operate supply chain service, its covers thousands of products from nine series, which are office stationery, office consumptive material, office daily use, student products, bags, eco products, business gifts, business equipments, office furniture. And formed four supplemented brands——"A +PLUS", "WMZ", "GO GREEN" and "LAMPO "Beifa is one of the fast growing enterprise in the stationery industry. And Beifa is one big enterprise with high brand visibility, creativity and great influence. Currently, Beifa has 6 branches in the domestic market like Beijing, Shanghai, and 6 oversea branches in the U.S., Russian, UAE,Panama, France, and Spain etc. It has more than 2,000 employees, including 242 for R&D stuff. The total assets of Beifa are over 700million Yuan with an annual sale of over1billion and over 1.5 billion exporting. Beifa Group had been honored national advanced technology enterprise since 2011,it get over 100 honor for in both domestic and international domain, such as “national innovative enterprise” "national enterprises and intellectual property Model enterprise”.Beifa has obtained 1,065 patents, including 10 patents of invention and 13 patents for Utility Models, 529 international patents. Beifa is the well-known trademark in China, the products of Beifa is popular around the world, above 70% products are from Beifa’ own brands. 2009, Beifa group was transformed to be the stationery supply chain, and becoming the first domestic stationery supply chain operation service providers. Beifa will become the No.1 brand of Chinese stationery supply chain provider in 2020. Beifa stationery supply chain service has entered into the international market, and was highly welcomed by customers. The products of Beifa are exported to more than 150 countries and regions in the world, 70% of the products entered the international mainstream and the professional market, and established strategic trade relations with the one of the world top 500 enterprise, MYRON,and more than 20 world-class vendors such as OFFICE DEPOT STAPLE WAL MART, TESCO, and awarded as the Global product innovation by American company STAPLE, OFFICE DEPOT , the world's best supplier by TESCO, and the top supplier by SOURCES . Beifa group uses professional design and brand, efficient value-added DC, VMI management technology, advanced information technology, basing on the electronic commercial platform, integrating internal and external resources, integrating the trade, logistics, information and capital all together. The innovation application of supply chain operation services QSP stock stationery business model. The distribution center is a foundation to construct global service network, building a wide range of stationery supply chain services platform. Beifa provides unique, fast and safe service to global customers. The advantages of QSP are one stop, full range products, and multiple brands. Beifa group will set up 9 distribution centre worldwide, including Pakistan, Frankfurt, Dubai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bombay, Shanghai .It is planned to set up 30 global distribution centers worldwide in three years, becoming network with wide coverage, full products range and multi-functional product.