Johnnie Leung Basto Office Chair
Basto Office Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Basto Office Chair

The Basto office chair has an ultra-thin backrest frame, a minimalist style design with quick operation. It adopts dynamic balance movement and the seat and backrest swings synchronously. The seat can move 360° naturally with the body, giving the user comfortable backrest support. New cushion design aiming to generate elasticity at the front end of the cushion and reduce the pressure on it. Self-developed special mesh with Italian customized yarn which is soft and comfortable. The material recovery rate of the chair can reach 97%.

Basto Office Chair
Johnnie Leung Basto
Johnnie Leung Office Chair
Johnnie Leung design
Johnnie Leung design
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