Tamir Mizrahi DeliverE Transportation Mean
DeliverE Transportation Mean is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award Category.
DeliverE Transportation Mean

The year is 2030. Transportation has become sustainable, and DeliveE is the post office main mail distribution transportation mean. Environment Friendly, The vehicle is powered by a solar panel located at it's roof, backed up with battery pack. The vehicle operated by a computer system, which is synchronized with the mail app, which interfaces directly with the recipient himself. The smart car is loaded into the post office warehouses, and goes out independently to disperse the mail within the city. DeliveE represents a new era of A.I human being interaction.

DeliverE Transportation Mean
Tamir Mizrahi DeliverE
Tamir Mizrahi Transportation Mean
Tamir Mizrahi design
Tamir Mizrahi design
Tamir Mizrahi

Tamir Mizrahi is an entrepreneur, Transportation/Aerospace & Industrial designer, Designer, and. Winner of two international design awards. Tamir mainly focuses on integrating hi-tech with mechanical engineering, alongside innovative material and surface design. He designs concepts and produces products - Exterior, Interior, and manages design projects for all types of transportation means & also individual industrial products. Co-Founder and head of design of the micromobility startup REEV, Head of Design at AIR eVTOL startup, Head of Design at Pegasus Aerospace eVTOL startup, and the Founder & CDO of Tamir Mizrahi Design Agency

Tamir Mizrahi

Tamir Mizrahi is an Automotive & Industrial designer, that focuses mainly on his interpretation of the modern world. By creating realistic and conceptual Design projects, he tries to improve and push modern technology to its highest ends. Tamir designs are mainly recognized as mechanism-specified designs that can be integrated in the real world, in order to push technology boundaries through design.