Piero Quintiliani Qui Magnetic Pencil Holder
Qui Magnetic Pencil Holder is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Qui Magnetic Pencil Holder

Qui (which in Italian means here) is a magnetic pencil and pen holder that makes everyday life easier. Qui allows to stick a pen or pencil wherever one wishes. The metal disc is adhesive, so it can be applied to any surface. Just clip Qui onto a pencil or pen and thanks to the magnet it can be attached anywhere to always know where to find it.

Qui Magnetic Pencil Holder
Piero Quintiliani Qui
Piero Quintiliani Magnetic Pencil Holder
Piero Quintiliani design
Piero Quintiliani design
Piero Quintiliani

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