Chih-Kang Chu Jolab Factory
Jolab Factory is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Jolab Factory

Jolab, The building is design as a gallery rather than a factory. The double-tiered garden on the top floor is not only for heat insulation, but redefine the relationship between the workers and visitors. The goal from the skincare factory is everyone in this room would feel that they are part of the art center and they are the ones who create the art products, not just products on the production line.

Jolab Factory
Chih-Kang Chu Jolab
Chih-Kang Chu Factory
Chih-Kang Chu design
Chih-Kang Chu design
Chih-Kang Chu

Chu comes from Taiwan and has been exposed to rich culture since his childhood. Chinese cultural elements, which are not superficial but with deep cultural connotation, could always be found in his design. Combined with his keen observation of scenario, his works could always awaken those emotions in people’s memories. That is why his works could touch readers’ heart. His works touch not only Chinese who have shared cultural memories, but also westerners. “In Chu’s works, we see new modern eastern design” said such westerners.

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Jolab, the leading pantheon of skincare standard in Taiwan. Jolab was born of the desire to explore, and the belief that product quality always has a room for improvement. JOLA is very innovative and insists on doing the best. The emergence of Jolab not only broke the standards of Taiwanese cosmetics factories, it can be said to be a model for all factories in Taiwan.