Alexandra Valigura Another Dimension Interior Design
Another Dimension Interior Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Another Dimension Interior Design

Your home is your space, your dimension, where you feel comfortable, calm and safe. You can feel it in the calm dark colors of walls, floors and basic furniture. The bright accents bring joy and energy to gray weekdays. The metal panels on the walls seem to distort the space around you and say that the future has already arrived. A time where is possible not everything but the most part.

Another Dimension Interior Design
Alexandra Valigura Another Dimension
Alexandra Valigura Interior Design
Alexandra Valigura design
Alexandra Valigura design
Alexandra Valigura

Alexandra, a person, from an early age loves to create new things, design, construct, paint. Loves experimenting with designs and materials. Dislikes templates and standard solutions. In each of his projects, he lays down symbols and meanings. He believes that through architecture and interiors it is possible to influence the consciousness of people, preach ideas, direct them to the path of beauty, participating in the development of intelligence and self-knowledge.