Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Posto P10 Fuel Sales
Posto P10 Fuel Sales is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Posto P10 Fuel Sales

The new Posto P10 is the result of an extensive work performed for more than 5 years and reflects in its modern and bold design, a before and after in terms of brand image and gas station service experience. Proudly exhibits a unique aesthetic and design language that put it ahead from the competence. A clean sight with no columns and an “off-centered legs” structure along with using modern and durable materials are the keys in this successful project of Equador Energia located in Manaus, Amazonia.

Posto P10 Fuel Sales
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Posto P10
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera Fuel Sales
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera design
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera design
Juan Eugenio Mallo Camera

BALKO is formed by a group of interdisciplinary professionals and employees whose main objective is to satisfy the clients' needs. In order to accomplish this goal the company honours its slogan: "we get involved", as they firmly believe in teamworking. For BALKO, their employees are their main resource; they are the ones who translate the projects of their clients into realities. The company has been working for 20 years in corporate architecture, retail stores and gas station sites, creativity and graphic design and organizing shows and events.

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Balko is an Argentinean architecture company specialized in Retail. It develops for its clients corporate and retail architecture projects, among other services, identifying the needs that their clients present, evaluating solutions and different alternatives to satisfy those needs, always looking to optimize the cost | benefit relation. Balko has known how to win the Latin American market, since in the last years it has worked with important clients not only in all Argentina, but also in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States. Also, establishing strategic alliances with different partners of the sector either collaborating with them or attending their fairs and congresses. Some examples are Nacs, (National Association of Convenience Store), VMSD (Visual Marchandising & Store Design), NRF (National Retail Federation), and Onexpo Mexico.