Larissa Moraes Van Gogh's Gladioli Necklace
Van Gogh's Gladioli Necklace is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Van Gogh's Gladioli Necklace

A handmade necklace inspired by van Gogh's gladiolus painting. Made of 18k gold, morganites, rubies and citrines. The diversity of the flowers is represented in the natural gemstones' different hues and colors. Delicate carvings in the gold represent the leaves' midrib and veins. Nature’s asymmetry and balance can be seen in the necklace delicate contours making it both bold and striking to the human eye.

Van Gogh's Gladioli Necklace
Larissa Moraes Van Gogh's Gladioli
Larissa Moraes Necklace
Larissa Moraes design
Larissa Moraes design
Larissa Moraes

I grew up in colorful household filled with art history books, canvases and brushes. Being the daughter of a struggling artist, I sought refuge in the pursuit of a stable career in law. After studying law, I started working as a legal aide in Brazil´s Senate and the federal government in Brasilia, Brazil´s capital. After years of exposure to heavy state bureaucracy, I realized that my heart was not where my work was and strived to find other employment opportunities where I could satisfy my creative desires. A friend of mine introduced me to the jewelry world and it was love at first sight. I initially started drawing and designing after I would return home from work… Shortly after those designs became my first few pieces… and now it has become a fulltime labor of love. I began designing fulltime towards the end of 2018. In early 2019 I started working on my “dream collection” and finally found the courage to post some of my works on Instagram. These posts changed my life. Shortly after, I received invites to participate in several jewelry exhibits after which I decided to show my collection at the Brazil Jewelry Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The feedback I received was so positive that it only reinforced my decision to design fulltime. That was when Larissa Moraes Jewelry was born! Courage breeds courage! I decided to participate in the A' Design Award and Competition in February 2020 and won gold prize! The sensation I felt in knowing that people could truly appreciate the love that I poured into my work was unmeasurable. I could finally say, “My work is my love, my love is my work”

Larissa Moraes

Contemporary fine jeweller Larissa Moraes’ launched her brand in 2019 and her debut collection takes inspiration from the world renowned artist Van Gogh and some of his most celebrated works of art. Each unique piece is designed and handcrafted in Brazil her jewellery offers one of a kind designs, created exclusively in conflict free precious metals and gemstones. The jewellery effortlessly recreates both the feel and emotion of Van Gogh’s works, thanks to Larissa’s delicate and skilful handling of complex textures and her artistry with the coloured gems used in her exquisite designs.