Vladimir Zagorac V Series Orchard Mulcher
V Series Orchard Mulcher is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Agricultural Tools, Farming Equipment and Machinery Design Award Category.
V Series Orchard Mulcher

The V model was designed after a complete rebranding of the company, with the appearance derived from the redesigned logo. The design features sharp motion-oriented lines, faceted surfaces, and characteristic details. The headstock was designed to resemble the pyramid-like silhouette of Mount Rtanj, at the foot of which the company's factory is located. The shape of the side mask is derived from a horse's head. Structural ribs contribute to robustness, graphics follow the dynamics of the form, while orderliness and discipline are addressed by the arrangement of functional details.

V Series Orchard Mulcher
Vladimir Zagorac V Series
Vladimir Zagorac Orchard Mulcher
Vladimir Zagorac design
Vladimir Zagorac design
Vladimir Zagorac

Vladimir Zagorac is a product designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. His opus includes projects in the fields of consumer products, electronics, packaging, home and urban furniture. His main field of interest is conceptualizing, structuring and developing products from within. He believes an object form should be thought out and every detail should have a functional reason. He tries to unify universal and timeless aesthetics with smart innovative solutions in every product.

FPM Agromehanika

FPM Agromehanika is one of the leading agricultural machinery producers in southeast Europe, with a tradition of almost 60 years. With almost 250 employees, respecting Farmer's work, His field, and the Land, the company is producing high-quality agricultural machinery, strong, reliable and efficient, to help the Farmer be proud of His work. FPM Agromehanika is symbolizing simplicity, reliability, and power in all fields. The company is always going alongside the latest technology trends and using the most modern machines, developed technology at all production steps.