Giovanni Murgia Cera Una Volta Wine Label
Cera Una Volta Wine Label is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Cera Una Volta Wine Label

Cera Una Volta(Once Upon a Time) is not just a wine but also a leap into the past. It was born from the dream of creating a small oenological jewel by treasuring the teachings of the ancestors and the winemaking techniques of the past. The idea of the creative concept of wine tells, in the simplicity of the fairy tale hyperbole well represented by the illustration on the label, the story of the birth of this wine and that of who produced it. The style chosen is deliberately fairytale, to give a magical touch to a wine that differs greatly from the classic style of Vermentino.

Cera Una Volta Wine Label
Giovanni Murgia Cera Una Volta
Giovanni Murgia Wine Label
Giovanni Murgia design
Giovanni Murgia design
Giovanni Murgia

Giovanni has always had an interest in the arts and creativity. Restless by nature, creative for needs, to look always a different way from the usual. With creativity tries to give a new vision of reality. His goal is always to work on challenging and rewarding projects making each project a big communication project. For 10 years directing the Redfish agency working for major clients and projects. Care detail in every project because is the only way to achieve great things in work than in life.

Cantine Chessa

Cantine Chessa is a wine boutique located in the north of Sardinia, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It produces elegant wines that have won awards around the world. Its elegant and essential style is appreciated by wine tourists as well as the packaging of its wines, always minimal and refined.