Ben Wu Tianxi No.1 Sales Center
Tianxi No.1 Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tianxi No.1 Sales Center

Located in the bustling downtown area of Shenzhen, Tianxi No.1 is full of commercial atmosphere and sees the hustle and bustle of the city. As a local high-end real estate, it hopes to convey a kind of elegant and secluded life of oriental humanities in the impetuous downtown. The entrance uses a wide waterscape to create a place atmosphere of the whole space, and in the core of the downtown, a sense of place is set off in a quiet way.

Tianxi No.1 Sales Center
Ben Wu Tianxi No.1
Ben Wu Sales Center
Ben Wu design
Ben Wu design
Ben Wu

Ben Wu, with more than 20-year experience in interior design and home design since 1993, established WS in 1998 which includes W+Interior Design, WS SPACE, WS CAFÉ, Wei Mo and other design and lifestyle brands. Ben Wu has a profound foundation in is traditional art. When he was a child, he studied Chinese ink and wash painting with Mr. Fu Wenyan, who is Zhang Daqian’s last disciple. He advocates the design philosophy of Modern Oriental, integrates the elegant design of Western humanization with the essence of Oriental humanism, and creates the artistic conception space with oriental aesthetics and philosophical thinking. Wu Bin has been leading the Chinese design for more than ten years with "Modern Oriental" and became the mainstream style of Chinese design. He is widely involved from public space to private clubs, and from celebrity mansions to heritage and protected structure, and then to art exhibitions.

W.DESIGN, founded by Ben Wu (a famous designer), has been dedicated to the inspiration of life concept and keeping trying for the insight of the future for many years based on Chinese traditional culture and considering the present situation, so it has created the unique design language of "Modern Oriental". W.DESIGN is the thinker of the times, and with self-iterated and re-created power of the new source, has brought far-reaching impact on Chinese design and international way of life.