The Grid Architects Pixel Residential Building
Pixel Residential Building is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Pixel Residential Building

the antipodal requirements of privacy and togetherness drove the concept of the villa the inspiration was the building block of digital imagery the pixel its spirit rooted in nature as their home emerged from an intent to embrace natural conditions to maximize the feeling of connectedness to the outside the architectural form emerged as a stepped form with spaces at all levels enjoying elevated pockets of greenery that also serve as congregational spaces the material expression following the biophilia features was organic wood stone and concrete with greenery forming the heart of the project

Pixel Residential Building
The Grid Architects Pixel
The Grid Architects Residential Building
The Grid Architects design
The Grid Architects design
The Grid Architects

“The use of green ensemble is a way of inspiring our fellow designers and tell them that our passion and creativity can make an ordinary material transform a space. This is our way to integrate sustainable and traditional architecture in the urban lifestyle. Initially one may feel that they have to make extra efforts to design a green building, space or interior but once the practice becomes your belief then it becomes a part of the natural process of designing,” concludes the duo. For us, designing is a spiritual journey

The Grid Architects

the grid architects is a multidisciplinary design firm and deeply committed to excellence as part of our contribution towards our profession we are visiting faculty and members of jury panel at various architectural institutes our endeavour has always been to satisfy the environmental and meaningful aesthetic needs simultaneously for us designing is a spiritual journey