Tomoo Nitta Mad Monk Bar Bar
Mad Monk Bar Bar is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Mad Monk Bar Bar

The designer was in charge from design to construction. By making it a glossy black wall, it reflects the sight and gives out mysterious continuity. The timeless atmosphere is created by giving a sense of tension to the luxury sofa and chandelier synchronized with the sharp shelves. There is no metal joint. Just bottles that are stuck in the shelves. Lighting fixtures are embedded in the shelves (thickness 18mm) to light from below. There are many beautiful things and fun things around us. Ingenuity is the key. The Japanese Sake bottles support the world's liquors as shelf structure.

Mad Monk Bar Bar
Tomoo Nitta Mad Monk Bar
Tomoo Nitta Bar
Tomoo Nitta design
Tomoo Nitta design
Himawari Design

Himawari Design is a creator group, established in 2014, that designs on all scales in every aspect of your life, and also carries out activities that lead to cultural discoveries. In a small scale such as dining table, we explored infinite possibilities from one piece and designed the paper craft "ORINIGIRI" that allows you to create original rice balls. Various workshops, which started in 2015, have been held in Japan and abroad, and are currently experienced by more than 27,000 people. In a large scale such as architecture, we study from a piece of paper and apply its engineering to various architectural designs from houses to large public buildings. We also aim to create a functional, human- and social-friendly architecture by using the laws of beauty in the creation of nature in our designs.