Huajie Sun Simple Assembly Poster Frame
Simple Assembly Poster Frame is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Simple Assembly Poster Frame

This modular display rack solves the problem that the display racks on the market can only match a single size poster and the waste of resources caused by the display of multiple poster sizes through simple insertion and magnetic attraction. Users can quickly complete the assembly in a short time according to their own needs, and can also assemble special sizes.

Simple Assembly Poster Frame
Huajie Sun Simple Assembly
Huajie Sun Poster Frame
Huajie Sun design
Huajie Sun design
Yuan TA

The design link of CHUAN TA Design Studio always hopes to convey a concept of blurring boundaries, and hope that the audience can be liberated from the binary opposition because of this design. This is what we want to do. The field vertical is a very solid concept for the CHUAN TA design studio. There are many possibilities for presenting a brand in contemporary times. The CHUAN TA design studio is also pleased to see that the audience is happy to see more diversified brands. Concept and visual performance. The founder of CHUAN TA Design Studio was engaged in a different industry before making a brand. The logic of doing things would first understand the needs and key points of users, so as to solve the needs and make the experience better. CHUAN TA Design Studio is more inclined to choose better quality and more environmentally friendly materials; some high-volume, reproducible things are not what CHUAN TA Design Studio wants to do. The epidemic has given us an opportunity to reflect. As a designer, I must pay attention to this matter, but it is indeed a challenge because environmentally friendly materials are difficult to find in the market and the import cost is high. It is planned to customize environmentally friendly materials to domestic factories, and the factories will do it if they have an order. We feel that only by doing this can we really promote the demand of this industry. In terms of environmental protection, there is more room for development for us. The CHUAN TA design studio conveys "breaking the boundaries" and conveys the power of joy and confidence, because our team is expressing this very sincerely. When we express them sincerely and resonate with the audience in terms of emotions or emotions, the brand and the audience will have a deeper connection. He will change from a consumer to a person who likes and loves the brand, so I think the resonance is very strong. important.