Fatemeh Sadeghi Kango Baby Multifunctional Carrier
Kango Baby Multifunctional Carrier is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Kango Baby Multifunctional Carrier

Inspired by kangaroos life, Kango Baby is the most user-friendly baby carrier which could be rotated easily from the front to the back and vice versa by you. The outer layer is also your baby’s pad and can be used instead of any extra pad which you have had before. The sticky bag makes you feel free and you will not need any other extra bags. With this comfortable carrier, you can walk through the streets for many hours and make a fantastic emotional connection with your baby. Using various colors helps improve your baby’s emotional intelligence. Hug your babies more, Kango baby is here!

Kango Baby Multifunctional Carrier
Fatemeh Sadeghi Kango Baby
Fatemeh Sadeghi Multifunctional Carrier
Fatemeh Sadeghi design
Fatemeh Sadeghi design
Fatemeh Sadeghi

Fatemeh Sadeghi thinks ideologically. When she decides to do something in any field, especially in design categories, she always finishes it as well as she can, even under challenging conditions and with few facilities, devotes all her energy to do it. Fatemeh has great interest in learning new things. In many fields, she has a self-study personality. Another exciting thing about her character is her archetypes. Since the archetypes are present in the subconscious of all human beings, the central model of Fatemeh is the Caregiver archetype, which the most characteristic feature is caring and being supportive of the others. It has been well apparent in her designs.


FSadeghi was established in 2016 by Fatemeh Sadeghi in Iran. Designs produced by FS are based on Problem Solving and User Friendliness. FS ideas are about valuing archetypes and are mostly inspired by nature. The motto is "Nature always makes itself in the best shape of their own".