Pedro Salgado Maybe Multifunctional App
Maybe Multifunctional App is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
Maybe Multifunctional App

Maybe app is simple. It is attractive, clean, and intuitive, generated to talk about the taboo topic of menstruation that unfortunately causes a lot of damage in the correct development of girls, physicaly and emotional. The solution is generated through collaboration with specialists and parents reaching out the conclusion that the bad experience may be prevented by support and approaching this topic at the right time with the right preparation of parents that through articles understad better how to guide, educate better in order to empower girls and help them know themselves better.

Maybe Multifunctional App
Pedro Salgado Maybe
Pedro Salgado Multifunctional App
Pedro Salgado design
Pedro Salgado design
Pedro Salgado

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