Myrthe Koppelaar De Toren Brand Identity
De Toren Brand Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
De Toren Brand Identity

The service and product preperation standards of The Toren along with the company name, which refers to the city church, were an inspiration to the designer Myrthe Koppelaar to implement the upwards geometric shapes into the design. The geometric shapes take formation of a shield because she wanted to break the mould Cafeterias, by developing a logo that emphasised the standards and quality, rather than meeting the design type associated with the industry.

De Toren Brand Identity
Myrthe Koppelaar De Toren
Myrthe Koppelaar Brand Identity
Myrthe Koppelaar design
Myrthe Koppelaar design
De Toren Cafetaria

De Toren Cafetaria is a friendly restaurant in the city centre of Breda, The Netherlands. Very common for the Dutchies, but they serve from a vending machine! It has little-coin operated compartments from which you can grab a typical Dutch snacks such as a ‘kroket’. This restaurant also serves fresh and tasty fries which the Dutchies like to drown in a topping called ‘Mayonaise’. At least.. that’s what they said the now infamous scene In Pulp Fiction! De Toren beliefs in a new form of craftmanship and their passion for traditional cuisine and selected selected quality ingredients go hand in hand with local partnerships and the latest techniques. Also their typical and oldskool vending machine has been improved with wireless payment!