Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd City Vue Residential Apartment
City Vue Residential Apartment is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
City Vue Residential Apartment

The residential planning and design case was for a renovation of a new residence but the original layout was not suiting their lifestyle. Rooms are reconfigure to a small study room and an en-suite bedroom to give more luxury space. Hidden doors are added to different areas to keep the clean lines thought out the areas. With the use of dark and smoothing colors that symbolize luxury yet low-key life, and complemented by dark wooden furniture to create a home full of taste and texture. It also create a slow environment after their busy day work, and at the same time can serve as an ideal home.

City Vue Residential Apartment
Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd City Vue
Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd Residential Apartment
Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd design
Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd design
Elpis Interior Design Pte Ltd

Founded by a group of young and passionate individuals, Elpis Interior Design was incorporated in Singapore in 2014, with a strong mission to create astonishing interior designs & finishes. Eager to achieve its goal, the team of young interior designers from different background then came together and began working on residential projects, putting in their knowledge & expertise to create new design heights. As time goes by, more like minded individuals gathered to join the company and the team became bigger & stronger. Elpis’s designers are constantly trying out new materials, design possibilities and unique finishes to create more ground breaking designs that can benefit the local design community and at the same time influence the creativity & mindset of many more like minded individuals. Presently, Elpis aims to create and introduce more unique design concepts and also pass on the positive mindset of constant innovation & curiosity to explore to future generation of designers. The company believes that its direction will inspire more people and help to raise the standard of local interior design scenes.

Elpis interior Design

ELPIS INTERIOR aim to deliver the Best Renovation Experience & Interiors that home owner can gloat & sustain for years to come! Just by listening to all home owner thoughts, ELPIS INTERIOR promise to deliver an Interior that's made for thier Living Comfort & Dreams! Check out ELPIS INTERIOR Design Portfolio at: