Nazanin Saranjampour Mob-Clock Clock
Mob-Clock Clock is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Mob-Clock Clock

Mob-clock is a table clock made up of a graded Mobius strap as the main body on a stand and a ball as a pointer. Although time is a linear one-direction concept, there are two repeating loops for each day, AM and PM, in normal clocks. Indeed, as in daily life, people do not switch their sides and continue and go on through the day; Mob-clock helps the user to have a natural feeling about time. In Mob-clock, the pointer moves in only one direction on one boundary of Mobius to pass 24 hours without any repeating and switching side and boundary.

Mob-Clock Clock
Nazanin Saranjampour Mob-Clock
Nazanin Saranjampour Clock
Nazanin Saranjampour design
Nazanin Saranjampour design
Nazanin Saranjampour

Nazanin Saranjampour is a Product and accessory designer looking for new Persian lifestyle accessories. She strives for the "wow factor" in her work based on her experience in conceptual design. She works in speculative design, which appeals to her because it allows her to create new forms. The first step in the design process is to challenge the product's traditional form for her. Nazanin imagines herself as a dream designer, imagining the aesthetics and emotions of her creations.

Chahar Group

Chahar is the collaboration of four industrial designers aiming to generate innovative and creative ideas and design concepts. Chahar's Native-Eastern mentality insists on implementing meanings besides form and function. Indeed, the team's objective is about discovering common aspects between these three fields; Sometimes science, sometimes Art, and sometimes cultural components can be employed to create concepts. The optimum condition results when form could represent the meaning in the most precise way possible and make a pleasant experience of using it.