Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman Shenzhen HoneyMoon Hotel
Shenzhen HoneyMoon Hotel is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shenzhen HoneyMoon Hotel

GS Design hopes to integrate the style of the space and serenity of sea to present a simple, pure and incomparable visual effect, so as to attract travelers and put them in a peaceful and leisure state of mind in the space design. Inspired by their surroundings on a daily basis, GS Design has creatively constructed a modern style for Shenzhen HoneyMoon Hotel in a simple way and a carefree and comfortable living environment when travelling, so that living at a hotel has turned into a kind of spiritual enjoyment.

Shenzhen HoneyMoon Hotel
Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman Shenzhen HoneyMoon
Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman Hotel
Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman design
Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman design
Gs Design

In 2014, GS Design was co-founded by several young designers in Shenzhen. As one of the leading interior design companies in China, it is devoted to providing professional and excellent interior design and service for domestic and commercial projects, including boutique hotels, real estates, shops and stores, offices, clubs and villas. With artistic skills, GS Design is trying to provide an unlimited degree of possibilities for space. GS Design pays special attention to the exploration of architectural space and local culture, and spares no effort to realize the space strategies based on interdisciplinary cooperation. Focusing on the relationship between building and materials, the combination of techniques and details, as well as the interaction between form, light and shadow, we are devoted to interpreting the close connection between human, space and nature, and creating unique “art spaces beyond life”. Over the years, with professionalism and innovative ideas, GS Design has presented many excellent domestic and commercial works and has won a good reputation among the clients.