Igor Dydykin Nagrada Award
Nagrada Award is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Awards, Prize and Competitions Design Award Category.
Nagrada Award

This design is realized to contribute to the normalization of life during self-isolation, and to create a special award for the winners of online tournaments. The award's design represents the transformation of a Pawn into a Queen, as a recognition of the player's progress in chess. The award consists of two flat figures, the Queen and the Pawn, which are inserted into each other due to narrow slots forming a single cup. The award design is durable thanks to stainless steel and is convenient for transportation to the winner by mail.

Nagrada Award
Igor Dydykin Nagrada
Igor Dydykin Award
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin

DYDYKIN is a design and innovation firm headed by Igor Dydykin. Our design is about creating a deeper connection between people, the environment and the things we own. Our job is to find the most effective, convenient and beautiful way to solve the problem. We approach design in a holistic manner, focusing on strategy, brand, product design, user experience and social impact to integrate all aspects of interaction.


DYDYKIN Studio creates product design. We conduct research, draw concepts, create models and test prototypes so that the design remains relevant longer. Each project goes through 4 stages, which allows to follow the logic of product development, make changes and see the result before preparing for production.