Alireza Shafieitabar Didar Cafe
Didar Cafe is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Didar Cafe

With the aim of leaving the existing structure as much intact as possible, this café in Teheran was placed in the former pool of the building. Its name, Didar, which is the Persian word for visit, implies the desire to offer visitors a close encounter with nature. That is why the entire café is enclosed with glass; to connect inside and outside and make the surrounding environment part of the overall design. In order to increase the impression of being outdoors, the height of the elegant, modern furniture is level with the edge of the pool.

Didar Cafe
Alireza Shafieitabar Didar
Alireza Shafieitabar Cafe
Alireza Shafieitabar design
Alireza Shafieitabar design
Shafiei Design Studio

Born in October 24, 1972 Graduated from azad university of Art and Architecture 2004 in industrial design MA. Started his professional career as interior designer in 1999. Experienced in holding professional workshops in different universities. Over the years, Alireza Shafiei, knows clients' needs & requirements and applies them in the best way. He believes that this is a key factor in the process of designing. He also believes that today, design is based on reconciliation of style. He is personally, interested in modern reconciliation style. His professional, continuous and honest work over the years in designing café's and luxury restaurants will definitely entice clients' trust.