Egemen Kemal Vurusan Cage Lighting
Cage Lighting is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Cage Lighting

Cage lighting is produced with hot glass blowing and metal forming techniques. The amorphous and blown shaped units provide light refraction at different rates. Lighting units create an illusionic and crystalline effect on the glasses. Emphasizing the communication between light and freedom and the organic bond with a transparent, warm material like glass is the main idea in the design. Metal baskets resembling a cage are used in this series. One of them is the pinter, which is actually a tool used for fishing. This object is used as a lighting element in the design.

Cage Lighting
Egemen Kemal Vurusan Cage
Egemen Kemal Vurusan Lighting
Egemen Kemal Vurusan design
Egemen Kemal Vurusan design
Egemen Kemal Vurusan

I am a glass artist and designer. I inspired by the environment and nature for my designs. I reinterpret my functional and artistic designs by using traditional glass shaping techniques with contemporary touches.

Usta Design

Usta Design offers different and striking ideas, as if touched by a master, with interior design glass installation, art and design objects in the field of glass, glass lighting designs, natural textile products, jewelry designs, ceramic design objects. Drawing attention to social and environmental issues with its collaborations with many important brands since 2018, Usta Design continues to sign projects that make a difference.