Marcelo Joulia Imperator Hotel and Restoration
Imperator Hotel and Restoration is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Imperator Hotel and Restoration

The imperator is a special building because it is full of history, indeed, established in 1929, when the Paris Lyon Marseille railway line opened, the Imperator hotel, with its Art Deco facade, reintroduces its majesty to the world. The envy of Celine Falco, the 5 stars boutique hotel brand co-founder, the creativity of the architecture agency Naco, the work of hundreds of craftsmen, as well as the artists' works, have brought this extraordinary and iconic hotel back to life.

Imperator Hotel and Restoration
Marcelo Joulia Imperator
Marcelo Joulia Hotel and Restoration
Marcelo Joulia design
Marcelo Joulia design
Maison Albar Hotels

Since its creation in 2005, Paris Inn Group has seen major changes and a strong increase in its hotel supply, totaling 35 hotels3, 4 and 5 stars to date. 2014 marks a turning point in the development of the Paris Inn Group, with the creation of the international brand Maison Albar Hotels. The first French Chinese luxury hotel brand, it is the result of the Joint Venture between Paris Inn Group and Plateno Group, one of the leaders of the hotel industry in China. With the Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont Neuf as Parisian flagship, this new international brand brings together 5 star boutique hotels with a design, intimate and personal atmosphere, a showcase of French elegance.