Jesvin Yeo Beanlly Wrist Rest
Beanlly Wrist Rest is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Giftware Design Award Category.
Beanlly Wrist Rest

Making with the traditional method of dried bean sprout husks, the Bean Dolls feature four symbolic figures of Singapore old Chinatown: Towkay, Kopi uncle, Samsui woman and Majie. They helped built the old Singapore through creating jobs, providing cuppa comfort, building infrastructure and providing childcare, respectively. With the effort of the current Chinatown elderly, the bean dolls are designed as a wrist rest, a cuddly toy or a memento of the old trades. It aims to serve as a muse for local history discovery and encourage the younger generations to probe further into their culture.

Beanlly Wrist Rest
Jesvin Yeo Beanlly
Jesvin Yeo Wrist Rest
Jesvin Yeo design
Jesvin Yeo design
Jesvin Yeo

Jesvin Yeo, who trained at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, is a multidisciplinary designer who explores natures and consequences of historical and contemporary cultural changes, in particular areas related to Asian Material Culture and Heritage Studies. Of her core art and design interests, are the confluences of cultural elements, cultural identities and tradition, and their interface with emerging elements of the modern contemporary world. Jesvin founded Designing Cultures Studio which produced award-winning works that have been featured in international design publications including Wallpaper*, HOW Magazine, Communication Arts, PRINT and Applied Arts, as well as exhibited at galleries and museums in Berlin, London, Washington D.C, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing. Among 55 international design awards she received are the prestigious Red Dot Award (Communication Design), German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award.

Designing Cultures Studio

The core design interests of Designing Cultures Studio are the confluences of applied design, cultural elements, cultural identities and tradition, and their interface with emerging aspects of the modern contemporary world. Approaches are grounded on conceptual experimentations with the rich disciplines of visual communication and design stem from the use of critical and strategic design thinking as a means to grasp, examine, critique and make valuable sense of the design and cultural world.