David Polasek Thermacut Plasma Torch
Thermacut Plasma Torch is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Award Category.
Thermacut Plasma Torch

Plasma torch brings new design of plastic handle for comfortable cutting the metals by plasma arc technology. This ergonomic handle is one part of a complex plasma cutting system powered by aggregate. The handle includes a safety trigger and offers multiple ways of holding for plasma operators. You can hold the device with a closed palm around the handle or with the thumb on the top of the handle. Dynamical shape supports the meaning of active work tool. Styling fully respects the dirty work environment and corporate identity of the producer.

Thermacut Plasma Torch
David Polasek Thermacut
David Polasek Plasma Torch
David Polasek design
David Polasek design
David Polasek

I am founder of Novo Design company which is specialized in industrial and transportation design. My personal best achievements are all successfully produced projects that I was collaborate on and all awards I received. It brings a lot of satisfaction and energy to another peaks in design and art work. The base point of Novo Design studio is to help our clients being more competitive on global market and to make our public space better, nice and functional. Being focused and staying concentrated in each of my project is my strongest point.

Novo Design

Czech design studio represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 as product design development agency. We form creative team which is specialized in transport design, industrial design, product design and graphic styling. We became a partner of Science & Technology park in Zlin to offer design and engineering service. We prosper in our projects thanks to closer co-operation with partners in automotive industry and aviation. The mission is to offer a professional services in complete design culture. We seek optimal solution that will connect technical and aesthetical forms. We are able to judge your requirements and prepare a precise offer of the project according to our service portfolio. Currently we co-operate with more than 80 companies in Czechia / EU.