Saadet abdik Fresh Interior Design
Fresh Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Category.
Fresh Interior Design

The design is based on having relaxing time in a place where you can feel with modern, unique and innovative touches. In addition to this with the plants used in decoration nature friendly design is used. Main focus of the design to is to combine esthetic with nature with functional and different touches. For that reason various materials and implementation techniques are also used in this design. By using soft colors and mirrors the design is reflect as simple and dimensional. As per the furniture is compared, comfortable but functional designs are used. To sum up the design can be seen.

Fresh Interior Design
Saadet abdik Fresh
Saadet abdik Interior Design
Saadet abdik design
Saadet abdik design
Saadet abdik

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Saadet Abdİk

Saadet Abdik graduated from department of interior architecture and environmental design of Bahçeşehir University and completed vocational training by University of the Arts London. After her trainings, she managed the all process from the first stage of the site design to the completion of the implementations in all construction projects within the Örtaş Group. Besides, housing projects, she specialized in hotel, company and restaurant projects. As an interior architect and environmental designer Saadet Abdik found her own company in 2016. She is currently working on venue and environmental design with her team She uses a psychological approach that aims to meet the values, needs and preferences of the client in her project designs. In line with this approach, it brings identity to the venues by harmonizing the interior and environmental understanding at an aesthetic level.