GND Design Limited Hakka Culture Plaza Ancestral Hall Landscape
Hakka Culture Plaza Ancestral Hall Landscape is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Hakka Culture Plaza Ancestral Hall Landscape

This case is a landscape renovation project that connects the Hakka Ancestral Hall with the commercial area. In the Lingnan area, people live in compact communities, and ancestral halls are the sustenance of family blood ties in villages. So, over the years, there has developed a unique ancestral hall culture in the area. In the renovation process of the Shenzhen Vanke Tianyu project, the ancestral hall is taken as an entity in the inheritance of the cultural memory and a realistic reflection of the historical features.

Hakka Culture Plaza Ancestral Hall Landscape
GND Design Limited Hakka Culture Plaza
GND Design Limited Ancestral Hall Landscape
GND Design Limited design
GND Design Limited design
GND Design Limited

Mr. Qiu Ge (Kopje Qiu), graduated from South China Agricultural University, founder of GND design brand, and registered architect of ASLA in the United States. After more than ten years of landscape design, he worked as the head of the landscape department of Vanke Real Estate (Shenzhen Company) and hosted more than 40 landing projects. Mr. Qiu Ge is a rare designer who is not only familiar with project development and also has strong research and development capabilities. No matter from the design orientation of the previous period to the landing of the final project, or from the completion of the design to the progress control of the construction, he has considerable skills and experience to cope with. Adhering to the "human-oriented" design philosophy and emphasizing the culture-centered thinking, he leads the team to create a series of landscape spaces full of human care and withstand the test of time.

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